JOE POLETTO Joe created and is managing partner of Indie Global, a San Francisco based group which media and technology companies in the United States and abroad. Engagements include Ad Market Liquidity, Ad Predictive, Brandport (acquired by Live Gamer), imvu, Kinoma (acquired by Marvel), ScanScout (acquired by Tremor Media), SkyPop, and YuMe Networks.

[wpex Read more >] Previously, Joe was General Manager of US Advertising Sales for Microsoft’s MSN Network, where he and his staff directed all US advertising sales efforts and strategic partnerships.

Preceding his work at Microsoft, Joe served as Vice President of WebTV Networks, which was acquired by Microsoft in 1997. He was responsible for building and managing all non-subscription revenue streams and for defining innovative broadband services for cable and satellite network operators.

Prior to WebTV, Joe was Vice President of National Advertising Sales for HBO-Comedy Central, playing a central role in the network launch as well as in growing revenues. His advertising sales and business development career began with top media brands like the Madison Square Garden Network and the A&E Network. [/wpex]



Ponturo has been a leader in the business of media, sports and entertainment for more than 30 years. First in the advertising world, then at Anheuser-Busch. Ponturo served on the Strategy Committee at Anheuser-Busch and was regularly ranked as one of the most influential People in sports.

[wpex Read more >] Ponturo is currently a managing member/founder of Kirmser Ponturo Group, LLC., which is an incubator company that conceives and develops new artistic work and provides marketing and consulting efforts in the arts, sports and entertainment areas.

The Kirmser Ponturo Group brought both the NFL and the NBA into the Broadway space with the productions of Lombardi and Magic Bird. [/wpex]



As a senior executive with over 35 years of experience in the Cable TV industry, Internet, and broadcast television, John was one of the original team members hired by Ted Turner in 1978 to launch the world’s first commercial satellite network.

[wpex Read more >] John continued to work with Ted on developing the Cable News Network (CNN). During his 16 years with Turner Broadcasting, John worked to mold the early development of cable television – eventually rising to

President, Turner Broadcasting Sales. John later served as President, 24/7 Real Media worldwide and he continues to advise media companies in the US and Asia. [/wpex]



As Chief Technology Officer for Indie Global, Keith is charged with aligning technology development to portfolio strategies, and managing scalable technology operations across business units and initiatives.

[wpex Read more >] Stretching beyond current media, database and cloud-delivery technologies, his work is broadening the possibilities for new and exciting methods of consumer engagement and digital advertising distribution.

Keith currently leads development and data operations for SkyPop, Indie’s successful mobile marketing and local loyalty platform, and Indie Ads targeted online media planning and placement service. Keith also played a key role on the initial definition, development, and launch of both business units.

In 1999 Keith founded Finale Business Solutions, creating a number of innovative consumer facing and B2B technologies. In the 90’s, Keith developed his technology and business acumen working on big data and network solutions for MCI/Worldcom, Sony Music, Sony Electronics, and Cisco Systems, where he was awarded patents for his work.




Bill’s forty five year career includes (1) Corporate Executive (CEO of ESPN, Univision Holdings, Multimedia and Zenith Media, USA), (2) Private Equity Fund (Co-founder of BG Media, a $150 million, eight year New York-based media investment fund); and (3) ten year professor of “Media Economics” graduate school class at The New School in New York.

[wpex Read more >] Bill has served on the Board of over fifteen media companies, including a number of “new media” firms as well as magazine, newspaper, cable system and radio station companies. Further, he has been Chairman of a public (NASDAQ) telecommunications company and served as Board member of two other listed companies. During the last three years he has served as an Advisor to a major private company that provides mezzanine debt and equity to digital and traditional media/communications companies.

He lives in San Francisco and is currently completing his (thousand page) memoirs. He has been a guest speaker at San Francisco’s Commonwealth Club. During the last two years Bill had traveled extensively throughout Southeast Asia.




Tom is a former Assistant Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and was also head of its New York office.

[wpex Read more >] Tom is an internationally recognized expert in law enforcement, counter-terrorism, crisis management, competitive intelligence and internal regulatory compliance. He gained his expertise from his 28 years of service in the FBI and the United States Marine Corps.

After retirement from the FBI, Tom has held executive management positions in the private sector for such companies as W.R. Grace and Company and Mirage Casinos and Resorts. [/wpex]



Gayle Troberman heads up marketing and innovation at Mediabrands. Her mission is to make it easier for brands to get people telling stories for them. To get there she is passionately working to break down the barriers between creative agencies, media agencies and the people they are trying to reach.

[wpex Read more >] Formerly, she was Chief Creative Officer at Microsoft for 16 years driving marketing innovations and overseeing global consumer advertising across the Microsoft portfolio of brands. During her tenure she was instrumental in shifting the company’s investment from business and I.T. to consumer brand building and creating the necessary global infrastructure, agency roster and investment map to deliver some of the most successful and talked about campaigns in the technology sector including, “I’m a PC.”

Previously at Microsoft, she pioneered in the early digital landscape, founding the industry's first digital branded entertainment team (BEET) at MSN, creating many first of their kind interactive advertising experiences, developing first-ever online branded shows some of which made their way to television and creating the bridge between big brands, online consumers and the Hollywood production community. She also oversaw marketing for many of Microsoft’s new media start-up businesses in the era, including: Sidewalk, Carpoint, Money, Home Advisor and MSN Shopping.

Prior to Microsoft, Gayle spent ten years in the NYC agency world managing marketing and business development programs at Manning, Selvage & Lee and NW Ayer for a range of clients making everything from software to footwear. She has a Bachelor of Science from Ithaca College and grew up in the great state of Rhode Island.

Gayle has Clios, Effies, Cannes Lions, Webby’s, and Silver Anvils lining her shelves and was also named in Ad Age’s Women to Watch in 2007. But, the real measure of her success is evident in the network of ridiculously talented people she has built across creative agencies, media agencies, media companies, brands, start-ups and Hollywood who pitch in to help her change the marketing world, one crazy idea at a time.