Indie Global is an incubator for great ideas and innovative creative content. We partner with talented and emerging artists working in a variety of media. Indie Global invests in their vision and gives them the resources they need to develop their creative projects. Using distribution tools and strategies designed by our core team of media and technology professionals, Indie Global enables artists and brands to reach a wider audience.


Indie Global's portfolio of companies includes:

Indie Ads specializes in developing and executing digital media & mobile advertising campaigns that ignite the bottom line. Our dedicated ad sales team makes every impression count through a strategic media planning, buying, and optimization process.

SportsCrush is a social TV experience that combines instant play sports & online dating LIVE on game day. Football fantasy, flirting and fun on game day and beyond. 

SkyPop is a mobile marketing and rewards platform that builds connections between businesses and their customers by developing customized incentive programs. We use mobile technology to deliver timely and targeted promotions, reaching the right customer at the right time. Our loyalty-based campaigns create value for both the brand and the consumer.

LILYJAM Records is a collective of artists working towards a common goal: to make music that uplifts and inspires. Founded in the spirit of collaboration, LILYJAM gives both established and emerging musicians a platform to create and explore. By sharing knowledge and experience, we are building a network of artists that help each other to reach their full potential. 

Asterlight is a production company that supports emerging artists in pursuit of their next big project.


Project Flight is a fully immersive flight simulator attraction that integrates the history, geography and culture of a city. Project Flight will provide an entertainment experience that delights and educates our guests. Our first location, Boston, will open in 2018, and from there expand to other cities across the United States and internationally.